The NOS can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Informing curricula and training for educational institutions by meeting high level educational outcomes of the occupation.
  • Facilitating consistent identification of the role as defined occupation across all Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Strengthening recruitment efforts by informing employers on the competency standards that reflect the knowledge, skill, and judgement of the personal care provider occupation.
  • Identifying career development opportunities to promote employee retention through continuing education that align with the NOS.
  • Enabling students, new graduates, and job seekers to make informed employment and career decisions.
  • Bringing national alignment in the PCP competency outcomes that define the occupation and support their identification as a distinct occupational group across Canada.
  • Streamlining collaboration between healthcare employers, newcomers and those who support their immigration and credential recognition assessment.

National Occupational Standard User Guide

Serving as a support to employers, educators, policy makers, researchers, and job seekers to make informed decisions about educational curriculums and learning outcomes, hiring requirements, skills training and career choices for personal care providers.