Guiding Us Forward

The National Occupational Standard for Personal Care Providers (NOS) was developed for Canadian educators, employers, and job seekers to make informed decisions about hiring, skills training and career choices for personal care providers.

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The creation of the guide was led by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program. Over 600 individuals connected to long-term care, home care and community support services contributed to the development of this standard led by a national working group and national advisors.

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The personal care provider is of vital importance to long-term care, and the health care system at large, but from a national perspective lacks consistency in educational outcomes, roles in the workplace, and an overall lack of understanding on the number of personal care providers employed in Canada and how many more are needed for the future. The extent of these informational deficits were made clear during the pandemic, and as a foundation to move forward, the NOS was created and completed in October 2022.

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This standard will help educators, employees, and employers understand what workers need to know to succeed in their roles. That means job seekers and workers can better plan career paths, employers can focus on recruiting the right workers, and educators can create curriculum based on clear training requirements.

Why Get Involved?

As Canada’s population continues to grow, health care must be at the centre of all policy and staffing regulations. Personal care providers contribute significantly to care across the life span, yet the majority of them are not regulated and standards for their education vary across the country. To support the health human resource crisis, an occupational standard was developed to support personal care providers across the country in caring for Canada’s population. With a standard, Canadians can rest assured they are receiving a consistent level of quality care, no matter where they live, from a personal care provider.

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